Tips for the High School Graduate

high school graduation College Graduation

For many high schools around the state of Texas, High School graduation is about to happen. Kids you have watched grow up are about to walk across the stage. This will be the biggest day of their life so far. It will be a time of remembrance for all the times that they and their classmates shared along their journey. They can look back and laugh at the crazy outfits they wore and bad hair cuts they had, along with crazy times on school field trips. As they go off to college they will start a brand new journey with different people and all they will have is the memory of what happened in high school. So for all of you high school seniors, here are some life tips to carry with you on your journey!

1. Cherish the next few months at home.  – For those of you going off to college, the next few months are the last time you are going to be with your friends and family in the same area for a while. Cherish every moment you have with them. No matter where you go,  your family will always be proud of you and your accomplishments and they are in your corner no matter what you feel at that moment.

2. Take time to grow up. – When I was in High School I couldn’t wait to be 18. That meant I was grown. I was an adult. When I got to college, I couldn’t wait to be 21. Just remember to take your time growing up. Enjoy your youth while you can. You won’t be able to get those years back, so take your time and age when you are supposed to.

3. Have a path for your future. – This is one thing that it took me a while to find. If you are unsure what you want to do in college, that is ok. Find something you are passionate about and pursue that career. It is okay to be undecided when you first go into college. Take a year to find your niche. Don’t worry, YOU WILL FIND IT!

4. Don’t be afraid to push your limits and Fail. – Failure is okay. You don’t always have to succeed in everything you do as long as you do your best. Many of your greatest accomplishments come from risk that you take. Failing at something makes you work harder to succeed at it the next time. Risks, hard work and determination pay off for the most part. In the slight chance that they don’t at least your learned new things along the way.


5. Ignore the Critics – People around you will always find something negative to say about what you are doing. If you are truly passionate about what you are doing and you believe that you going to make a difference in the world, don’t worry about the critics. If anything, they will help you strive harder to achieve your goal.

oh the places you'll go


So for all of you graduates, CONGRATULATIONS! Good luck in all of your adventures!




Amy Griffin

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service

Ochiltree County

County Extension Agent – Family and Consumer Science

Maroon & Gray TX A&M AGRI



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